Wednesday, 16 January 2013


This is my blog. I hope to share with you all of the little things that I enjoy in life; travel, gardening, cooking, projects around the house and of course…. April. If you’re one of those… dog people… you can probably stop reading now as half of this blog, as the name suggests is devoted to my gorgeous cat April who we (Mr P and I) adopted in February 2009, some 3 months after we bought our first house together.
About me: I am 27yo and I live in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. I was born and bred here but please don’t consider me a small town girl with no life experience. I have travelled to over 17 countries, completed a university degree and had 2 completely different careers in my life so far.
I am Gen Y but try my best not to exhibit the typical behaviours of my generation, however, on some occasions I reflect on my behaviour only to observe that I have behaved like a big fat typically selfish Gen Yer and I wonder whether this is something that was genetically imposed from birth.
I hope you enjoy reading my journey in love, adulthood, the possibility of parenthood and life


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