Thursday, 17 January 2013

Interesteing things about me that not many people know:
1. I prefer to shower at night (and Mr P does too), the thought of going to bed with the days’ dust and grime all over me just doesn’t seem right.
2. I won the computing prize at school in grade 10. I think it was a case of not having anyone better to give it too, I mean computers were only just taking off them and there was only so much you needed to know to use a floppy disc effectively and make a power point presentation!
3. I moved overseas for 6 months at the age of 20 having not lived away from home. I’m still not quite sure how I managed to do it and I wish I was still the fearless young girl I was then… how things change.
4. One of my most scarring moments was sitting on the floor at school assembly to have my name called to come to the front only to realise when it was too late that my legs had both gone completely to sleep and that I would fall straight down on the floor in front of the entire school as soon as I stood up.
5. I bought a house with Mr P at the age of 23 after we had been together just under 12 months. Some thought we were naive jumping in to things so quickly but it has worked so far and we are on track to making a good financial base for our future.
6. I used to be a teacher, well for 1 year, if that counts. I found it too stressful and anyone who puts up with 25+ children all day 5 days a week must be mentally unstable…. The holidays don’t even make it worth it. I don’t have the patience.
7. I have the same birth date (month and day) as Mr P’s grandmother and he has the same birth date (month and day) as my father… coincidence or creepy????
8. My favourite food is chocolate… nothing special or unique I know but I thought I’d still share. Crunchy or nutty chocolate top the list.


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